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Daniel De Simone

Who I am

I am marketing consultant, filmmaker and photographer. These activities are combined and interact all the time with each other. Because any audiovisual work needs your marketing campaign. And because any message needs to go through the appropriate channel, using technology and its appropriate "clothing". Let's say that these activities create a combo of 3 key activities, which I define below:

my three areas of activity

My background is basically audiovisual and expands to the universe of marketing. During the last 20 years I have worked in the consultancy of diverse businesses, developing multiple Marketing actions. These tasks were carried out in Argentina, Brazil and Germany, either in dependency relationship or autonomously. I have run numerous campaigns, always accompanied by the appropriate technologies. My main goal is always the creation and diffusion of messages and products with a focus on the client, using creative tools and maximizing the existing technological possibilities.
Currently, my working areas are divided into three main fields:


I have more than 17 years of experience in Marketing field. Specialized in Email marketing, Viral Marketing and Social Marketing. I use important tools such as SEO, Adwords, and Facebook Ads, developing campaigns through my company DDS Media & Marketing. My current specialization is focused on one-to-one marketing, using Email Marketing tools, along with social networks, and the using of various multimedia resources.


It´s been more than 25 years working with video, starting with the concept or script, recording, editing or streaming, in different formats and resolutions, for TV channels, Independent Producers and Service Providers.
Such works have been mainly TV programs, video clips, advertising campaigns, political campaigns and others, in Argentina and Brazil markets.


To execute the two aforementioned areas, it is necessary to always be updated and to keep track of the new technological tools, especially in the field of video, and the various forms of online broadcasting, using different formats and platforms. Recording, editing and streaming of video have always been the main pillars, using the suitable software in each case.

Luck is persistence on the goal.

John Adler


I remember I had to make a recording for an important Cable channel. I was working at that time as an "outdoor" cameraman. This task should always be carried out with the help of an assistant, who took care of sound, light and other technical issues.
That day, my mission was to record as many images as possible inside the supermarket. Obviously the quality was also important. When I arrived at the channel, my boss told me the assistant was sick. Therefore, I should make the images on my own, without any help. Resigned, I went to the place. I got to the super.
With my humble 8mm camera, I started recording. I wanted to portray, in the richest possible way, the daily activity inside the super.
After an hour, my sensation was strange. I felt I had not "vibrated" enough. In fact, the material seemed poor, repetitive, tired. Visually monotonous. And then, I questioned myself about the real possibilities of doing something eye-catching inside a supermarket. Yes, I reflected on this for a while... It is possible to do something more interesting (or striking), but with more sophisticated equipment. Not with my modest 8mm camera..
At that moment, the "enlightenment" came. Without thinking too much, almost instinctively, I spoke with an employee. I got into one of the carts, camera in hand. And I asked the guy to push me. We started a strange trip through all the supermarket shelves. It was a delicious journey across packages of sugar, milk sachets, cookies, which seemed to be more radiant as the excited horizontal movement progressed.
And what was the result? The images were stunning at that time. When I returned to the channel, people asked me: How could you do that on your own?
The story has a unique and powerful message. A message that applies to any activity, on any scale. It's about giving yourself to what you're doing, committing more to magic than the limitations. Giving yourself more with the heart than with the head. And make the most of the minimum resources. It is something that can expand, and even be part of your philosophy of life. It was this way in my case.
Because we talk about something is not so measurable or tangible.

The passion..

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