It can be an advertisement, a documentary or fiction short film. The roles I identify myself with (they were always my functions for years) are basically three: cameraman, editing and directing. The idea, like all other services, is to use the artistic elements (light and environment studies) and technical elements (types of microphones, types of cameras, lenses, gimbals) that best suit each project. Delivery of raw or edited material.


Individual photo session. For example, customized artistic portfolios. Or photographic coverage of events in external or external environments. Or travel: it is possible to organize a project in another region or country. The idea is to deliver a customized product, always seeking to "feel" what can and should be transmitted to generate a powerful image.


From a simple class or one-man event, to a theater piece or musical show, the transmission is done professionally with up to 4 cameras, where all details are carefully analyzed. Propose your project, and I will send you a personalized proposal. Because each project has very specific needs, such as the type of camera or microphone to use, the lighting and the combination of the different elements to achieve a quality product.


In this section you will find the Advertising Flyer 2020, designed for both graphic and virtual distribution.

You can download it here in high quality JPG format.